Business Requirement


A business finds a niche market and with the power of the Web becomes an internet sensation selling and producing products across the globe.  The initial small warehouse and single sales office in their home town is no longer fit for purpose. Rapid expansion of numerous warehouses and sales offices across not only country but globe has become a true reality.

Business Restriction


The business is comfortable with automating the manufacturing of their specialized product. They just haven’t got the skills to build network automation strategy that would allow opening more branches rapidly. The connectivity between all locations needs to be secure when traversing the underlying network.



EDNX develops solutions that would allow the founding office to become the HQ.  As new sites are acquired a standardized Bill of materials could be ordered and kit delivered directly to the new sites.  Once equipment is racked and connected to ISP it will receive the configuration from the cloud based controller. All branches and HQ will have fully meshed connectivity with traffic encrypted across the network. Having single point of centralized management would complete the network automation experience.