Business Requirement


A global business with multiple locations around the World needs to save cost on private network circuits. Each location has dual private connectivity to global ISP as well as single internet link. The cost of private circuits is almost 5 times more than the internet. The business needs to reduce the cost by only leaving single private link at each site. This has to be done while maintaining resilience for all traffic currently traversing private network.

Business Restriction


Both private and public networks carry different type of traffic at the moment. The internet is only used to access the cloud while the private MPLS is for internal company applications and voice. Disconnecting single private circuit would mean losing the resilience.



EDNX provides a solution where two independent underlay networks form a common traffic path available for all types of traffic. All connectivity is encrypted and the monitoring tools allow directing any delay sensitive traffic to the best available path. It also allows adding different service providers in the future for additional resilience without changing the logical network design.