LAN Upgrades

Currently LAN Upgrades projects move away from the legacy Enterprise Network design to the new Software Defined Access. EDNX engineers have been specializing in LAN Upgrades for many years and now embrace innovation that DNA Center brings. Upgrading Local Area Network in the Health sector doesn’t only require wide range of routing and switching skills. It also needs maximum concentration and detailed planning. The hospitals can’t afford to have any sort of downtime for the most critical services.


EDNX have experience in leading multiple large LAN uplifts for well known NHS trusts across United Kingdom. Our remarkable attention to detail at the planning stages are the most important part of it. We believe that when executing the perfect cut-over you always need to see one step ahead. Our meticulous migration plans are always full of comments and diagrams. We want to ensure that people reviewing our scripts can easily understand the logic.


While EDNX provides a dedicated architect of core, distribution and access upgrades there is always a team of engineers that works on the project. The role of the architect is to act as the mastermind overarching the full project and people around him always know what the plan is.