WAN Upgrades

Many organisations these days expand rapidly and require network connectivity in new locations. Sometimes this quick expansion requires WAN upgrades to make sure the solution is designed in the most optimal way. The other scenario is when two companies merge their Wide Area Networks and need most optimal combined WAN design. When it comes to WAN upgrades EDNX have experience in both legacy Intelligent WAN (IWAN) and Software Defined WAN (SD WAN).


The Future WAN was another piece of work that EDNX engineers delivered for one of the largest Global Pharmaceutical company. Our team Leading Architect was responsible for all technical aspects of  the project. This included producing both High and Low Level Design documents, liaising with equipment vendors, service providers,  and project managers. His duties also included running with the most complex migrations, developing training materials and acting as the main escalation point for any technical issues.


The project itself involved changing MPLS and Internet service provider across 120+ sites globally including three main IWAN hub location. EDNX architect had to redesign the existing IWAN solution to provide Multi Tunnel Termination across all hubs and spokes. This new approach meant that each branch office became a lot more resilient than before. Part of the design also assumed moving one of the regional hubs to a different location. The Future WAN project also required providing a number of bespoke solutions for the third-party vendors. Our technical lead had to master multiple new technologies in the service provider space including various E-Services.