Wireless First

If your business wants to achieve both cost savings and help your mobile workers then “wireless first” is the perfect strategy. A trend that every leading organisation embraces is an agile workforce. The ability to access data anytime, anywhere on any device is a must. EDNX are at the forefront of wireless solutions that enable this visionary movement. Wireless technologies are evolving at an unimaginable rate. This is why we are ensuring every mission critical application to a business is prioritized over wireless.


On the other hand, many environments require zero downtime. Any network outages can lead to serious financial implications. In a hospital for example, a network outage could have catastrophic effect on patient’s health. This has given EDNX the inspiration to develop solutions that allow organisation to drive wireless as the primary means of connectivity. Embracing “wireless first” strategy can provide extra resilience when accessing critical resources.


Finally, correct implementation of wireless network brings significant cost saving. This is because it allows reducing the number of copper ports and access switches in your infrastructure.