Who We Are

EDNX is a specialist IT network consultancy focused on designing and implementing Software Defined Networks.  We are founded on the principle of providing the most innovative technology. This allows our customers to be at the forefront of their business niche. Our projects are delivered by a small agile group of highly skilled, vastly experienced architects and engineers using proven delivery methodology.



At EDNX we pride ourselves on deploying first of kind, state of the art technologies but within a solution that can be easily maintained and operated by different skillsets of customer. We specialise in delivering reliable, secure cutting-edge software defined network solutions including SD-Access and SD-WAN. We have a proven track record of delivering projects boosting instant business benefits.

Business Outcomes

Software Defined Network provides multiple business benefits to any Enterprise. The key advantages include centralized network provisioning, holistic enterprise management, lower operating cost and much more granular security. Cisco outlines the main features and benefits of Software Defined Access and DNA Center on their website. The more specific advantages will vary between enterprises. This is why EDNX experts can help you understand how SDN can address specific problems in your company.




Envisage a digital environment were rules are set by a single policy enforcement and are as granular as your organisation requires




Picture a network that allows your organisation to automatically expand without large deployment timescales or highly skilled IT technicians




Imagine a network visibility solution smart enough to inform you of trends in your networks that could lead to outages and proactively provide remediation steps




Visualize your organisations traffic being intelligently routed around the entire network based on application requirements

Our Partners

Our Technical Expertise

We offer variety of network services to our customers. A typical project starts with the network assessment where we gather all necessary data about your existing environment. The next phase is network design where we produce all relevant documentation explaining the details of the final solution. Apart from the technical variables our network design includes all business requirements and assumptions. Once the customer approves it we can move forward and prepare the implementation plans. Those are critically important to ensure that any migration or upgrade activity doesn’t disrupt the users. All members of our team have incredible attention to detail which leads to successful and well executed technical delivery.  Once the final solution is implemented we make sure that your operations team has confidence to support it. This is why in the end of the project EDNX provides a comprehensive technical training.


In addition to project work, EDNX offers variety of ad-hoc wireless services. We can perform predictive or onsite wireless surveys as well as deep-dive troubleshooting. Our engineers have years of experience in designing, troubleshooting and optimizing wireless networks.



EDNX architects have vast experience in both traditional Enterprise Network and cutting edge SDN solutions. We have proven our outstanding capability to deliver large projects multiple times. To demonstrate our deep technical understanding we have shared a number of articles that explain those cutting edge technologies. We are showing some key differences between the traditional and Software Defined Network solution. This allows our customers to better understand all business benefits they are going to get. We have also created a dedicated blog section where we included all our articles with some deep dive examples.