Ekahau Cloud allows you to collaborate and remotely track the progress of multiple projects in near real-time from team members around the Globe.


It provides a platform to exchange project information between multiple wireless architects and engineers.


Ekahau Cloud allows your teams to easily collaborate across different locations


Ekahau Cloud is a very efficient collaboration method for wireless projects. You can enjoy seamless information sharing between multiple team members. This means that many engineers in the field can work concurrently on the same project. At the same time they can share critical data with Wi-Fi experts if they need help troubleshoot difficult technical problems.

The main features of Ekahau Cloud include the following:


  • Minimizing rework thanks to automatic project synchronization which keeps your files synced across devices.
  • The cloud saves project files on your iPad, Laptop and Sidekick
  • Centralized project repository with up to 2500 projects and 50GB of data
  • The ability to easily switch between online and offline modes if required by the customer’s security policy


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