Ekahau Connect is a suite of Wi-Fi tools that is changing the way how teams design, optimize or troubleshoot wireless networks. It is broken down into software, licensing and hardware components.


Download the Ekahau Connect Data Sheet


Ekahau Connect provides full suit of wireless tools for network engineers


Instead of buying individual software or hardware components, Ekahau Connect combines all tools in a single package. This completely changes the way teams of wireless engineers can operate. Designing, optimizing and troubleshooting wireless networks becomes a lot more efficient and less time consuming. Ekahau connect will allow you to perform detailed wi-fi diagnostics, provide reports as well as recommendations for your customers. Seamlessly sharing information with other team members becomes much easier and allows increased productivity.

All components of Ekahau Connect are listed below


  • Site Survey Pro – planning and simulation tool
  • Sidekick – diagnostic and measurement device
  • Survey for iPad – light weight version of ESS
  • Capture – allows packet captures using Sidekick
  • Cloud – enables teams to share and collaborate on projects


If you are existing Ekahau customer you can choose to upgrade to Ekahau Connect so please get in touch to request a quote.