Our blog includes not only the latest solutions like SD-Access & SD-WAN but also many other technical topics


Many old school engineers haven’t even heard about SD-Access or SD-WAN. In reality those technologies are the biggest change in networking in the past 20 years. They solve many problems that have long been associated with the traditional routing and switching. At EDNX we are always aiming to be on top of any developments in the network space. In those series of articles we are trying to explain both general and low level concepts around SD-Access, SD-WAN, migration strategies etc. Building greenfield network is fairly straightforward with DNA Center. On the other hand migrating your existing WAN to SD-WAN or LAN to SD-Access requires a completely different skill-set. You need to be able to understand both legacy and new approach. The journey will be well worth it but can be technically demanding at first.  We hope to provoke more questions from engineers around the world that could help us improve the content here.


This blog will also include many other hot topics in the networking World so don’t assume it is only LAN, WAN and WLAN. If you are interested in data centre networking we will definitely expand on this subject here. We are also including security related articles that are integral part of any cutting edge network.


Top 5 Business Drivers To Implement SDA

By EDNX  /  February 26, 2020
What are the most important business drivers to implement SDA   Many of our customers are often asking for the main reasons to implement SDA as opposed to SD-Ready traditional network. We have already explained many benefits of Software Defined Access as well as typical SD-Access Migration approach in the previous blogs. This time we will briefly look at the top 5 business drivers to implement SDA:   Cost Reduction - simplification, automation and reduced...
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SD-Access Migration

By EDNX  /  December 4, 2019
Are you planning another "SD-Ready" LAN refresh or will you migrate to SD-Access?   When we published the first blog about Software Defined Access in early 2018 many people were still skeptical about the technology and its benefits. Even now, when you talk to many traditional network engineers they still don't like the idea of using GUI to manage their LAN. Configuring VLANs, access ports, trunks, SVIs, routing and firewall rules is something that people...
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ASA or Cisco Firepower

By EDNX  /  November 11, 2019
Is it time to upgrade your firewalls to Cisco Firepower?   Do I go with the tried, tested and trusted Cisco ASA appliances or the new Cisco Firepower Threat Defence (FTD) 1000, 2100, 4100 or 9300 series appliances known as Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)? Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of both solutions.   The Cisco ASA has been the work horse of many organizations across the globe as Cisco’s go-to de-facto security...
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The Importance of Performing a Wireless Site Survey

By EDNX  /  July 9, 2019
Getting the basics right for a wireless first strategy   Its nothing new for a business to hear that they need to start preparing for digital transformation. In simple terms it means to modernise your business to accommodate the ever-changing technology trends.  Putting wireless as the poster tech for this transformation is a no brainer. One of the major oversights many businesses conduct when they think about the strategy is neglecting the importance of performing...
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Implementing Wired 802.1x

By EDNX  /  February 4, 2019
How to implement 802.1x on your wired network?   Although next generation LANs should be based on SD-Access technology, there are still many companies securing their wired network with an interim solution. This means implementing a combination of 802.1x or MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB). Those methods allow you to authenticate and authorize the endpoints that connect to the access layer. Many other blogs focus on providing the configuration for the access switches or Cisco Identity Services Engine...
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Large Scale WAN Migration

By EDNX  /  December 1, 2018
What makes EDNX subject matter experts in performing a successful WAN migration   At EDNX we specialize in networking in general but WAN migration is one of our key offerings. We have successfully led on multiple very large scale projects. They included Wide Area Network spanning many geographical locations and broad spectrum of technologies. We have vast experience with MPLS, Internet, Point-to-Point, EVPL, ELAN, IWAN and SD-WAN. Why do you need to understand so many...
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Stealthwatch Architecture

By EDNX  /  October 19, 2018
Should you consider implementing Stealthwatch on your network?   The purpose of this blog is to explain the reason why your organization may really benefit from implementing Stealthwatch architecture. Unfortunately no traditional security mechanisms can stop correctly authenticated user from accessing the network. As it turns out most of network breaches happen as a result of stolen or compromised passwords. As much as it is best practice to change passwords often it won't help when...
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Software Defined WAN

By EDNX  /  September 25, 2018
Traditional MPLS, IWAN or SD-WAN   When we wrote about the benefits of Software Defined Access we wanted to show how it differs from your traditional LAN. This approach allows us to explain the benefits of this new solution. When it comes to Software Defined WAN the picture is a bit more complicated. That is because there is an existing Intelligent WAN standard (IWAN) that is also becoming legacy. Cisco now recommends its SD-WAN as the preferred solution for...
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Software Defined Access

By EDNX  /  September 20, 2018
Why your organisation needs Software Defined Access   At the time of starting this blog (early February 2018) most network engineers around the World haven't even heard about Software Defined Access. Although in few years time everybody will embrace this new technology, at the moment it is very new and cutting edge. When you look at LinkedIn you can still see many engineers getting excited about the new way of re-sequencing access list. They are...
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Policy Enforcement

By EDNX  /  September 10, 2018
Intent-Based networking enables security policy   As we described it in Software Defined Access overview, one of the biggest challenges in today's networks is associating security with IP Addresses or VLAN IDs. This legacy approach is a massive bottleneck for both creating and maintaining any business security policy. It also creates a security loophole where any device can potentially spoof IP address on the network and inherit its security level.   DNA Center and SDA provide full...
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Network Assurance

By EDNX  /  September 5, 2017
The power of Network Assurance   Imagine the scenario and I am sure some of you reading this have lived it.  You are the networks operations manager of a large prestigious organisation.  They pride themselves with being at the forefront of technology in their specific field.  You receive a call from the CTO of the organisation. He explains they and a group of company directors, are congregating at one of the newly refurbished offices.  It...
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DNA Automation

By EDNX  /  September 1, 2017
Network automation with DNA Center   Although DNA Center have loads of flexibility and features when it comes to automation we are going to concentrate on its integration with SD-Access networks. First lets quickly highlight the main benefits of DNA Center automation:   Agility - It allows generating and grouping common network design tasks for various environments. The design can be quickly and automatically deployed on multiple devices to eliminate human error. Finally it is...
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