Global Fibre Ring

Sometimes the solution for Wide Area Network needs more than SD WAN can offer. If business requires direct fibre connectivity between locations the final design may become star or ring topology. It often happens when throughput and latency need to be minimal. The Global Fibre Ring was a network project for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the World. One of EDNX architects have played a key role in both Low Level Design and leading implementation teams. The project had extremely tight deadlines and many dependencies.


The Global Fibre Ring design provided point to point 10 Gigabit  connectivity between fifteen locations spanning three continents. It eliminated the requirement for MPLS connectivity in most of those locations. The solution had to integrate IWAN hubs in three strategic cities. It had to ensure symmetric routing between the company branches and the Fibre Ring sites. Although every migration was very demanding we managed to plan them in such a way that downtime was often less than a minute. We proved very strong routing skills and great understanding of large scale BGP, MPLS and IWAN.


The Global Fibre Ring project was yet another example showing EDNX capabilities in large scale WAN Upgrades.